As the child’s body should attract nourishment and also oxygen from its external setting

As the child’s body should attract nourishment and also oxygen from its external setting.

In order to achieve a wonderful physiological work, the work of development, so additionally the spirit has to extract from its atmosphere the sustenance which it requires to establish according to its own “legislations of growth.” It can not be denied that the sensations of growth are an excellent 5work in themselves.

The debt consolidation of the bones. 은꼴 the growth of the entire body. The conclusion of the minute building of the brain, the formation of the teeth, all these is extremely genuine labors of the physiological organism. As is also the change which the microorganism goes through throughout the duration of puberty.

These efforts are really different from those put forth by the human race in the so-called exterior job.

That is to say, in “social production,” whether in the institutions where man is educated or in the world where, by the activity of his intelligence, he generates a wide range and also transforms his environment.

It is none the much less real, however, that they are both “job.” Actually, the microorganism throughout these durations of biggest physiological job is the very least with the ability to perform exterior jobs, and often the work of development is of such degree and difficulty that the person is overburdened, similar to extreme pressure, and also for this reason alone becomes worn down and even passes away.

Guy will always be able to avoid “external job” by utilizing the labor of others.

But there is no possibility of shirking that internal work. Along with birth and death, it has been imposed 6by nature itself, and also each guy needs to complete it for himself. This challenging, unavoidable labor, is the “work of the youngster.”

When we say then that kids must rest, we are describing one side only of the concern of work. We suggest that they should relax from that external visible work to which the kid via his weak point. And also inability can not make any payment helpful either to himself or to others.

Our assertion, for that reason, is not absolute; the kid in truth is not relaxing, he is performing the mysterious internal job of his automation. He is functioning to make a male. And to achieve this it is inadequate that the child’s body should expand in actual size; the most intimate functions of the electric motor as well as nerves must additionally be developed and the intelligence created.